Vikyno improve product quality associated with scientific research

Vikyno improve product quality associated with scientific research

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Two consecutive years, the Company Vikyno is one unit reached Vietnam Quality Award. This award is granted by the Ministry of Science and Technology held annually to encourage the organization of production, sales and service quality improvement activities, create more high-quality products.

With the goal of giving satisfaction to customers with the quality products, from 1998 to now, the company has manufactured a wide variety of new-generation engines. One of the factors leading to the success that is due to develop the movement of scientific research into production applications.

Vikyno is a subsidiary of Air Dynamics Corporation and Vietnam Agricultural Machinery (VEAM), the main task of the company is manufacturing and trading diesel engines, gasoline engines from 4-30 hp and kind hand tractors, generators 3-15 KVA, reducer, milling machine, cutting machine rice, spraying machine, water pump ... serving in agriculture - fishery and harvest.

Development strategy of the company is diversified products step by creating autonomy in research and production development. The scientific research of the Company Vikyno aimed at rational technical solutions to meet the reality on the basis of Vietnam. Launching the movement promoting initiatives, technical improvements to reduce materials, processing technology improvements on existing equipment to reduce costs. From this movement, there were 296 initiatives, schemes, benefiting more than 3 billion company. In 2005, the Company had 81 initiative, subject to the amount of nearly 1 billion benefit.

From scientific research, the company has introduced a lot of products with a capacity of 5-25 horsepower with features compact, powerful, low fuel consumption, such as RV70, RV125, RV165, RV195, Concerning RV225, EV2400, EV2600. April 2005, the Company has successfully manufactured RV165-2 engine. Particularly, in recent years, a series of engine cooling air company's research tested and shipped ADC60, ADC100, AVY90. This marks a new breakthrough in technology equipment manufacturers of air-cooled diesel - a first line of products manufactured in Vietnam. AVY 90 is a welcome first product development trends of society, replacing traditional diesel engine cooling water before.

Research development, production is the motto of the company is led forth and encourage all officers and employees of the company perform. In 2006, the Company has established rules on the advanced production teams, accompanied the construction of the complete criteria as working hour security, productivity, innovation, quality, safety and hygiene labor, industrial style ... Request emulation of advanced production teams must reduce failure rate of less than 1%. Currently, of the 420 people working at the company, with 70 university degrees and postgraduate degree, 225 technical workers Level 2 or higher. All training and coaching line with the assigned work. Tran Van Tuan Anh - Quality Control Manager, said: "In order to develop quality products and criteria which the Company is a leading concern for human problems. People decide to quality. Even when the quality management ISO, renewing the operating device, the most important is the issue of training people to go into scientific research. That is the fundamental factor deciding quality products. "

From a professional factory assembled and receive technology transfers its production KUBOTA (Japan), so far the company has had great success Vikyno in branding yourself. Consumer market of Vikyno now been expanded nationwide with more than 120 agents, customer service center ... With the advantage of reputation as well as its brand, the company penetrate deep into the market and accounting for approximately 10% market share. Not only meet the domestic market, Vikyno is considered one of the member units have exported products to foreign countries at most Whole engines and agricultural machinery exports from 1999 to 2004 reached over 15,000 machines, with a total turnover of over 8 million. Products of the company has reached 15 countries around the world, including to mention the difficult markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei ...

Products of the company are forwarder in Thailand.

Always looking to step their self-renewal, annual company Vikyno investment in technological innovation is on average 12 billion and focused on the stage of training people to meet the changing reality of production. According to director Nguyen Van Vu, in the coming years the company will focus on producing export commodities, continue to strengthen the marketing of new markets. Facing the problem of Vietnam joining WTO preparation, company Vikyno are the appropriate response through four strategic objectives "Do not increase the price, brings satisfaction to customers, improve capacity production, improving domestic market and international market. " To accomplish this goal, the request is set to localization some details to lower cost imported products in the form of support for local companies in engineering and capital to successfully fabricate GMT more exotic. So stand at the moment, to promote research to applications in production as there is great significance and decide the success or failure of the company.

With these achievements in recent years, companies have been more merit and noble prize: Merit certified units in 2002-2005 cultural life of the provincial People's Committee, the Ministry of Industry awards 2002 Industry Award Vietnam high quality goods by Saigon Marketing newspaper voted Vietnam Quality Award, the brand you farmers Vietnam in 2004, the flag of the Prime Minister's award 2001-2005, decorations Labour First Division in 2004, the title of Hero of Labor reform era in 2005 ...

In the process of integration with the world economy requires enterprises to have steps, appropriate conversion mechanism, right. The promotion of the role of scientific research and application of new technologies in the production of the Company Vikyno promise more success in the integration process.