VIETNAM MADE exports VIKYNO diesel engine

VIETNAM MADE exports VIKYNO diesel engine

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VIKYNO DIESEL ENGINE VIETNAM MADE CO.,ltd is one of biggest exporter of vikyno diesel engine and vikyno products from Vietnam to many countries in the world. Our main engine exports are vikyno diesel engine model RV70, vikyno diesel engine RV80, RV95 and vikyno diesel engine RV125-2. We export to Iran, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Panama and many other countries.

In this articles, we would like to introduce history of VIKYNO company also known as SVEAM CO.,ltd.

VIKYNO DIESEL ENGINE. SOUTHERN AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY COMPANY - VIKYNO, the top-class manufacturer of compact diesel engine and agricultural machinery in Vietnam, is also famous for being the first manufacturer to receive the "Labour Medal" from the Prime Minister and many other value awards from the Government of Vietnam for manufacturing engines under 30HP and agricultural machinery. What makes VIKYNO different ? The answerlies in the four fundamentals, "High Performance", "Energy Efficient", "Labor Saving," and "Respect for Humanity," that remain unchanged ever since VIKYNO started engine assembly in 1968. Today, VIKYNO is not just interested in manufacturing a high power density engine, but is seriously pursuing ways to develop an engine that is both people and environmental friendly. This concept is at work in every stage of an engine’s development from R&D, design, production, delivery to afterservice. VIKYNO engines’ comprehensive strength can be seen in their cleaner emissions and the ability to readily match most any engine and agricultural machinery requirements a customer needs.Vikyno Diesel Engine

With the beginning of the 21st century, VIKYNO has set a new goal for itself-to be not only the top manufacturer of engines in Vietnam but also in the ASEAN countries. VIKYNO was established in 1967. In the stage before the independent Day of April 30, 1975, VIKYNO had mainly imported all the spare parts in IKD form from KUBOTA (Japan) and assembled at VIKYNO’s factory under the brand name "KUBOTA". Since 1975 up to now, VIKYNO has been re-structured and come into operation as a State-Owned Enterprise belonging to the Vietnam Engine and Agricultural Machinery Corporation (VEAM Group) of The Ministry of Industry of Vietnam. Ever since the founding of the company in 1967 as only a assembly company for KUBOTA, VIKYNO has continuously contributed to the progress of society through its manufacturing activities and technological developments. In the 1990s, VIKYNO strongly developed and produced diesel engines to meet all the needs of people who demanded for more powerful engines. As we are awared of that people are becoming more concerned with energy and environment preservation. This will eventually lead to greater demands for even higher quality and much more versatile engines. Anticipating such needs, VIKYNO continues to research and develop ways to produce the best engine possible. The mission, for this leading manufacturer of compact diesel engines, is to strive for and attain the ultimate engine manufacturing technology.vikyno diesel engine

VIKYNO, today, has its own brand name and manufactured predominantly high quality products for over 30 years and its name is synonymous with the quality. SPECIALIZING IN: Producing and trading in diesel engines from 6 to 30 HP with advanced technology of Japan, gasoline engines, machineries and equipments for agriculture. Processing and exporting mechanical products for domestic and oversea orders. Spare parts. All the products of VIKYNO conform to recognized standards and it’s range of items were awarded by ISO 9001:2000 certification for it’s quality management system accredited by DNV Certification B.V., The Netherlands.